Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What Does Your News Say About You


Well I personally don't watch or read the news INTENTIONALLY. At this point in the school year I have come to realize how often I actually read news in social media. Those freaky headlines draw me to them; shouting out in bold black print


I bet that was the first thing you read when you clicked on this blog; your eyes were drawn to it and you couldn't help but read the big black print right away. I JUST CONTROLLED YOUR MIND PEOPLE!!! 

Okay now I'm going to answer 5 questions now 
  • Why is news so depressing?
Umm it depends on what you're looking at. If you look at all the depressing news and surround yourself with dark depressing news then yeah its depressing but if you are more focused on the positive then its not depressing. Does that even make sense?

  • How much of news is entertainment? How much of your source's content has been entertainment?
Okay so I get my news from things like Snapchat, ClickHole, YouTube Vloggers, and Buzzfeed so a lot of my news is entertainment but i still know whats going on in the world. Shane Dawson for example has an entire playlist on his YouTube channel called WTF news run by CapnDesDes where Destery literally just talks about the weird stuff that's happening in the news. It's comical and informational all at once.
With Buzzfeed and ClickHole I typically click on the most entertaining thing and read it. When I finish the story the site sends me to stories like it and me being a squirrel I click that too thus me becoming more informed. 

  • Why are there so many places to get news, why not narrow it down to five?
Just 5 news sources? Well there's lots of different types of news to avoid Bias DUHHHH!!

  • How does it benefit you? 
I think the news benefits you if you use it in a way that you can process it. For me it's comedy, quizzes, funny videos, and statistics on whats going on (percents and such) and random information put in the dark bold print. 

  • Why does news matter?
Connecting us all together in this huge world. I know things in my own community but with the news I can not only get more information on my community but also I can compare my community with the rest of the world.

Whale Yes i think the News doesn't OWN you but it does SHAPE you. 

HERE ARE SOME LINKS.............................................................click with caution 

WTF NEWS (Shane Dawson's YouTube Channel)


Monday, May 16, 2016

Satire Review

Satire is an amazing way of talking about serious matters in a comical fashion so that people won’t get butthurt as much. (Like really sensitive annoying people who get upset about everything and anything they possibly can. Like those people who get involved in every argument even when they have nothing to do with the subject matter.)  Anywho it’s a way of shutting the people who are like the previous description up and making said people laugh their butthurt butts off instead.
It’s funny and I like it so that’s my opinion. Some satire is a tad confusing but that is to be expected due to the ignorant nature of some people, and some of the edgier topics that are addressed.
All in all satire is fabulous and an informative yet comical way of talking about sensitive topics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 days of news...

Whale YouTube was my news source and i did not like it at all; it was distracting with all the ads and “recommended for you” pop up things that were incredibly colorful and made me wanna push. being mostly political trash and nothingness in an abyss of crazy, the stories, A lot like celebrity gossip aimed at politicians, were short, being only 2 minutes or less, boring and irrelevant. the headlines however made me wanna click it anyways like “Kasich Will Not Be Trump Running Mate” its so stupidly interesting i just have to click it like having the need to touch a shiny object simply because its shiny.  using YouTube you not only receive american politics but all world politics as well. honestly why should I care?
Movie teaser trailers and TV spoilers are also listed as top news stories. Why, that seems rude in my opinion being told not to click something makes me want to click it then I become disappointed by what I see. I guess that's probably the point of the crazy headlines like "Game of Thrones Season Six: Dead or Alive? (Spoilers)" it makes you want to click it simply to fulfill a odd need to know everything about anything.
As for the relevant news stories they are mostly overplayed, exaggerated and short. I don’t find them interesting at all and I understand why they are short stories because who wants to sit around and watch YouTube. (other than me) Personally I'd rather watch cat videos then these “news pieces.”
okay so I'm aware this blog or post is probably incredibly out of order and I most likely just wasted a whole minute of your time so I sincerely apologize for that.
I'm out.

Interesting links or not so interesting whatever....


Friday, April 8, 2016

The Future of Journalism

This idea as to how journalism could be improved for the future is incredibly far fetched and science fiction-y and may even be possible for the future…..
I think to future of journalism will include tiny microchips connected to WiFi  in your occipital lobe would display the article, book or live image in a sense it would be a hologram that only you can see. As for how it's navigated, controlled eye movement as well as specific body movement would control what you see, it would be like a tablet in your mind. you would have to pay the news companies for implants and eventually fun interactive apps as well as streaming Netflix could be possible.
The ability to hear different things within your mind microchip you would have to have some sort of connection to your temporal lobe. The addition of the hearing would cost extra. You could have your news articles read to you and theoretically your music could all be in your mind.
I understand this all sounds completely impossible sounding but 20 years ago touch screen devices were considered "far fetched". If you think too hard about it you may get freaked out but honestly don’t overthink it we already see things like this in movies and TV shows and we have the technology to do surgeries on brains all we would need is the ability to connect this type of technology to the intricate workings of our minds. Theoretically we could have this sort of technology and the ability to do things like this in the near future.
Whale this is my second blog i hope it didn’t freak you out too much but if it did sorry any who I'm off to be awesome and weird now. So Bye Bye.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Journalism takes stories and and events then creates a basic way of sending the news to the community. There are different forms of of journalism ranging from videos to internet news sites and basic newspapers.  Different news sites or papers could contain bias and that affects the credibility of the journalism itself.
 Without journalism the world would be a game of telephone, unorganized, hectic, confusing, and full of misinterpretation of what might have been something quite simplistic; an event could end up turning into something quite complex as well as possibly and probably incorrect. If a rumor started about something serious it could turn the streets into a dangerous place it would be like yelling fire in a crowded theater but on a mass scale.
Journalism is necessary to inform people of things that are going on in their communities and around the world. It connects us with other communities across seas and borders and it helps people become more informed and united.
Some places don’t have journalism they are not able to know about what is really going on around them so they become uninformed in a world of rumors and lies and they have no idea what's happening for real around them.
Journalism is in my opinion sort of a check and balance for the majority and a voice for the minority.
Social media is a form of journalism in my opinion because people talk it is most likely not near accurate as professionals but it is less bias.
Whale, that's my opinion on the subject of journalism so i guess this is my first blog post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'M OUT (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ *flips table*